For those who serve & those who support those who serve...

all active duty military, veterans, & their families

At Five Shen Wellness, we are great with all of the physical symptoms, BUT our expertise lies within the field of mental/emptional health, PTSD support and Trauma Recovery. Our passion for the work, our experience, and the results we see make us unique in Greenville and the Upstate of South Carolina.


Studies demonstrate that Chinese Medicine is a successful,  natural drug free treatment option for chronic pain, anxiety, depression, dream disturbed sleep, insomnia and trauma recovery. Many of the physical and emotional effects of PTSD have been shown to respond well to Chinese Medicine including being used as a treatment for pain originating from psychosomatic disorders.

Acupuncture, Traditional Herbal Formulas, Tai Chi and Qi Gong are all effective, proven Chinese Medicine treatments for the Veteran population.  When used collectively with Western therapies, the benefits of Chinese Medicine have an even greater impact on the well-being and quality of life of sufferers.


A natural 'whole' body approach  credited with improved sleep, mental clarity, and fewer occurrences of bad dreams.  Patients report reduced stress, lessened anxiety and improvements in pain management resulting in less need for pain medications.

While there is overlap and similarity between symptoms, each person’s experience is unique. Through a Traditional Diagnosis we are able to assess how we can most effect change and re-connect you with a more familiar and healthier version of yourself. We can help you emotionally, physically, and spiritually as we work to restore natural order with minimal side effects.


While 'standard treatments' can detail a specific holistic set of points for treatment and a standardized approach to care. We treat each person uniquely acknowledging their own individual set of needs.  For Veterans and their families it is likely that symptoms not only vary, but so do the levels of severity.

With years of experience successfully helping this population of servicemen and women overcome their challenges related to their time dedicated to defending their county. We take the time to treat you, the individual.  After a thorough and proper assessment, a partnership is formed with you in order to truly get you back to feeling like your self again.